Dancing is a magickal experience. Letting our bodies flow to the rhythm of music is a liberating and euphoric act. There is nothing like feeling the skin get warmer and warmer as our feet follow the beat of a song, swinging our hips, shaking our torso… Dancing awakens and aligns our kundalini and it rejuvenates our spirits. It is one of the most powerful spiritual experiences that we can have and Creative Soul, Gené Prince, is here to inspire and help women transform their lives through the bliss of dancing. 

Gené has been dancing since she was a child. From classical ballet and modern dance to salsa, bachata, samba, you name it, she can rock them all. Gené is a gracious professional dancer, who specializes in Brazilian Zouk, which is a partner dance evolved from the Lambada. Among other dance styles, Gené enjoys sensual dancing, which helps to awaken the feminine power and helps to boost self-confidence. 

Besides dancing, Gené is a certified Dancing for Birth™ instructor. Inspired by her mother, who was a maternity nurse, she rolled into the profession gaining plenty of experience and recognizing the need for women to experience something profound that could assist them with their motherhood. But, it wasn’t until Gené became the mother of an adorable girl, that she discovered what that profound experience was – to dance. 

Becoming a mom is fulfilling, beautiful, surreal, empowering, and at the same time, it can feel scary and impossible. Who we were before becoming mothers, and who we are after the math, can feel like two different people, and in that transition, we can lose sight of who we are intellectually, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Gené understands this, and this is why she created Dance Baby Mama, a safe community for mothers where they get to dance with their babies, building confidence about birth, deepening their connection and bonding with their child, and finding a comfortable space amongst other women to help overcome the challenges that come with motherhood. 

Offering a complete package that assists women at any stage of pregnancy and after birth, Gené teaches classes based on the Dancing For Birth™ program, which encompasses the rituals and history of birth. It includes movements inspired by world dance forms like Latin, Caribbean, African, and Belly dance. She offers group classes in Amsterdam and Amersfoort, as well as private and online classes available to book through Dance Baby Mama

Gené is interested in learning what women need and creating meaningful content to help moms throughout the pregnancy process and motherhood. Dance Baby Mama, is a unique platform where women enter a sharing circle where they can open up about any challenges or achievements they may be experiencing, and most importantly, to bond with their babies through dancing. 

It is extraordinary to combine the art of dance with a maternity program, and with Gené, women can be sure to find comfort in a loving environment that supports them throughout their journey as mothers. Gené wishes for women to see that they are beautiful and to feel sexy. Are you and your baby ready to dance? 

Gené is a staggering Creative Soul.

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Partner Dancing

Gené also extends her services to create partner connections through dancing. Each touch and movement with a lover (even if you’re both not dancers) can help to (re)gain a better connection with each other, at any phase of the relationship.