Many of us are able to perceive the beyond; to lift up the veil of the physical world and see the realms that exist within our material world. Beings of light exist within that realm, and they are amongst us making sure that we know they are by our side – leaving feathers through our paths, noticing angel numbers on tags and clocks, reading a message written on someone’s shirt, you name it. Angels use many means of communication, depending on our perception, and they do this to assist us in our journey as human beings, through our joys and our sufferings. The most beautiful part is when we get to collaborate with our spirit guides and bring to life the expression of our Creative Souls, as in the case of Allie Dawn, who shines the light of celestials through her art. 

Allie Dawn is a former Family Therapist and a future Art Therapist. She explains that we are divine beings and light givers, and we can’t ignore it. We need to learn to combine the material with the spiritual and explore both worlds to figure out the healing that needs to take place in our lives. Allie is a Warrior of Light. 

Ever since Allie was a child, she was aware of the existence of other beings but it wasn’t until adulthood that the light in her heart sparked back up, and she couldn’t ignore the call to shine on. The source of her soul originates from a distant galaxy, where the highest and most pure energy of light exists. 

It has been a tough ride for Allie. She was diagnosed with lupus when she was 16 years old, amongst other illnesses. But, as she continues to step into the realm of her spirituality, she’s realizing that she’s receiving downloads from the ‘other side’ to heal. She’s becoming aware of the source of her dis-ease, and she’s aligning with her life’s force to transform her life. 

While taking classes for her degree in Art Therapy, Allie was reminded of her other home. The place where the soul exists beyond the limitations of time and space, balancing all energies, and projecting good vibrations. Allie was feeling homesick, feeling depressed, on top of having chronic health issues, but Art saved her life and it gave her a purpose – to create art that heals at a soul level. 

This is why Allie is creating The Cosmic Woman oracle cards, to guide others to heal mentally and spiritually. During her communion with her celestial allies, she was inspired to create channeled collages and paintings, hoping to bring restoration in our lives and to trigger remembering the source of our existence. 

Protect Your Spirituality, Ancestor Connection, Birth of a Starseed, and Dare to Fly, are a few of her outstanding pieces available in her Etsy Shop, DivineFeminine4Life, and this is just the beginning. Allie’s art is unique and vivid. It has a depth to it that it takes us on a ride through the Milky Way, beyond the Moon and Venus. It fills us with encouragement and it truly helps brighten the path. 

Allie is the expression of the Divine Feminine and the source of Celestial light, and she is here to assist women through her art and services. She believes that women are here to look after each other, and she’s creating a community to assist women going through postpartum depression, to help them transition into motherhood. Allie’s message is for everyone to be kind. To talk to our plants, to our animals, to treat them with kindness. We are connected. Kindness to everything. 

When we are able to transcend our minds and understand the celestial power that exists amongst us, and within us, we can become less frustrated and more sure of who we are, and what we came to be in this life. Allie has fully reconnected with the mystical reality that surrounds us and has embraced it as part of her path, and through her art, she’s helping us to understand this truth. 

Allie is a cosmic Creative Soul.

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Yoga challenges are posted daily on social media profiles, and many yogis join this growing community showcasing poses such as inversions, twists, arm balance, and more. Seeing the ability of some people to carry out certain poses can make our jaws drop, but what’s more fascinating is when the pose captivates our hearts through the soul of creatives, as in the case of Jo, Ms. Sun Seeker.

Native from the Philippines, Jo is a ray of sunshine in this world. She is a lovely person with one of the most inspiring Instagram profiles you can find. There is something so empowering about chakrasana, sirsana, and uttasana poses that evoke admiration, and Jo makes them seem effortless, though a lot of work goes into the process: continuous practice, determination to not give up, self-trust, inner strength… These are just a few of the elements that are needed to take into consideration to perform yoga challenging poses. 

Sometimes, what looks simple to the eye can be far more complex than we could expect, and Jo’s superb poses tell us that despite the complexity of life’s circumstances, through conscious movements, we can become masters of greatness.

Jo’s message is for all of us to be kind to each other. A statement that is so necessary to take to heart nowadays. Our world is decaying because we are too worried about who is right and who is wrong, instead of understanding that we each are part of a collective force that wishes for us to embrace our differences and work together to bring goodness into our lives. As a certified instructor in Ashtanga, Jo guides her students to tap into the energy of kindness, offering private classes in her hometown, Toronto, Canada.

As an environmentalist and conscious consumer, Jo is working every day towards making better choices that can bring a positive and loving difference in her life, and that of others. Life can become more challenging when we discover our personal truths and begin to live a life that’s in harmony with our surroundings. We can find people rolling their eyes over our new lifestyle, making ourselves feel insecure at times. But nothing can stop our souls from shining when we know that we are doing what’s best for this place we call our home, Mother Earth. 

What we experience in life is key because through our experiences, we are revealed what brings us joy and what doesn’t, and as we grow, we gotta make wiser decisions that can bring us closer to enjoy the life that we have.

Beautiful and profound words of wisdom from Jo, Ms. Sun Seeker. Beyond the yoga poses, beyond the challenges, what we find is a message of optimism, and we all need a dose of hope to be able to allow our Creative Souls to kindly shine, like the Sun. 

Jo is here to help us feel greatness, one yoga pose at a time.

Jo is a radiant Creative Soul.

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Dancing is a magickal experience. Letting our bodies flow to the rhythm of music is a liberating and euphoric act. There is nothing like feeling the skin get warmer and warmer as our feet follow the beat of a song, swinging our hips, shaking our torso… Dancing awakens and aligns our kundalini and it rejuvenates our spirits. It is one of the most powerful spiritual experiences that we can have and Creative Soul, Gené Prince, is here to inspire and help women transform their lives through the bliss of dancing. 

Gené has been dancing since she was a child. From classical ballet and modern dance to salsa, bachata, samba, you name it, she can rock them all. Gené is a gracious professional dancer, who specializes in Brazilian Zouk, which is a partner dance evolved from the Lambada. Among other dance styles, Gené enjoys sensual dancing, which helps to awaken the feminine power and helps to boost self-confidence. 

Besides dancing, Gené is a certified Dancing for Birth™ instructor. Inspired by her mother, who was a maternity nurse, she rolled into the profession gaining plenty of experience and recognizing the need for women to experience something profound that could assist them with their motherhood. But, it wasn’t until Gené became the mother of an adorable girl, that she discovered what that profound experience was – to dance. 

Becoming a mom is fulfilling, beautiful, surreal, empowering, and at the same time, it can feel scary and impossible. Who we were before becoming mothers, and who we are after the math, can feel like two different people, and in that transition, we can lose sight of who we are intellectually, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Gené understands this, and this is why she created Dance Baby Mama, a safe community for mothers where they get to dance with their babies, building confidence about birth, deepening their connection and bonding with their child, and finding a comfortable space amongst other women to help overcome the challenges that come with motherhood. 

Offering a complete package that assists women at any stage of pregnancy and after birth, Gené teaches classes based on the Dancing For Birth™ program, which encompasses the rituals and history of birth. It includes movements inspired by world dance forms like Latin, Caribbean, African, and Belly dance. She offers group classes in Amsterdam and Amersfoort, as well as private and online classes available to book through Dance Baby Mama

Gené is interested in learning what women need and creating meaningful content to help moms throughout the pregnancy process and motherhood. Dance Baby Mama, is a unique platform where women enter a sharing circle where they can open up about any challenges or achievements they may be experiencing, and most importantly, to bond with their babies through dancing. 

It is extraordinary to combine the art of dance with a maternity program, and with Gené, women can be sure to find comfort in a loving environment that supports them throughout their journey as mothers. Gené wishes for women to see that they are beautiful and to feel sexy. Are you and your baby ready to dance? 

Gené is a staggering Creative Soul.

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Partner Dancing

Gené also extends her services to create partner connections through dancing. Each touch and movement with a lover (even if you’re both not dancers) can help to (re)gain a better connection with each other, at any phase of the relationship.



You know you have come into this world to create something wonderful when you take a painful situation and turn it into a wonderful venture of beautiful possibilities. Creative Soul, Rie Tanaka Radha, is a rising angel who is here to teach us about strength, inner-growth, and self-appreciation.

Rie is a professional classical pianist and the founder of Wellness for Musicians. She has been featured in American Public Radio’s Your Classical, Wisconsin Public Radio’s Route 51, and Des Moines Symphony’s DMSO at Home, among other programs and podcasts. She currently teaches Piano at the Saint Paul Conservatory of Music and Mount Olivet School of Music.

The classical music world has been part of Rie’s life since she was about 3 years old. A world that is as rewarding as it is demanding. Demands, that many times, can lead to physical injuries and mental constrictions, making musicians disappear under a blanket of disappointment and frustration. 

After Rie suffered a severe injury in both wrists, she was unable to perform for about 8 months. At the time of the injuries, Rie was working on her dissertation, exploring wellness programs that could assist in the recovery from tendinitis, and other severe injuries caused by playing a musical instrument.

Motivated to rise above the discomfort and the barriers, Rie discovered the countless benefits that yoga offers. She realized that it not only helped her to strengthen her tendons and the mobility of the wrists, but it also encouraged her to dive within her mind and soul, and heal the inner wounds. Rie is a certified yoga teacher in Sampoorna Yoga, and she has been featured as a guest lecturer at Universities and Music Teachers Associations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, and South Dakota.

Musicians are athletes with countless hours of intense rehearsals, without the help of anyone to check-up on their mental health. Upon this lack of resources, Rie combined her passion for classical music and yoga and created a program for musicians to assist with both, physical and mental healing. 

Rie developed a safe space for musicians to use tangible tools and bring a positive impact in their lives, as performers and creative souls. Assisting to prevent performance injuries through lectures and daily yoga sessions.

When musicians get injured, they get wounded emotionally in such a way, that sometimes they take it against the music and even against the instrument. Through her program, Rie is helping musicians to question their intentions: Why do you play? What brings you joy? What do you need to prove? Who do you need to prove anything to?

Together with her soul tribe, Rie also created a four-week program to musicians of all disciplines, Peaceful Musicians. This is Rie’s loving offering to assist those who are experiencing a lack of motivation/routine, anxiety and stress, overall mental and physical fatigue, and loss of purpose/reason to play music.

Rie is helping musicians reconnect with their passion and deepen their relationship with music and their souls. Through her recovery, she was able to turn her mental and physical pain into a beautiful symphony that brings wellness and peace to others. 

Rie is a one-of-a-kind jewel, who brings honor to all classical pianists.

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Our world is chaotic, and there are so many countries going through unbearable circumstances at the hands of its governments. Their ideals of control, dictatorship, tyranny, and all sorts of inflictive hardships are deepening the wounds of so many souls.

Thankfully, there are many people that are speaking up. They are revealing the truth behind the veil of laws and rules that have been created to keep us on a leash. Those who are brave enough to move beyond the fear of repression and use their creative force to help us proclaim: We’re not going to surrender. We can’t keep silent anymore.

Creative Soul, Hari, is one of the brave ones. He uses his social media platforms not only to inspire us to live an authentic life, but he’s also educating his followers about the cruel reality that he and his city, Hong Kong, are going through. His posts are inspiring, reflecting his flawless yoga skills and astonishing poses, radiating wisdom with his empowering statements.

When Hari was very young, his mother gave him a pamphlet with some information about yoga, which was issued by an ashram in the Himalayas. Hari felt intrigued to learn more about yoga, and this set the foundation for him to incorporate yoga in his life. 

Hari decided to become certified in yoga, and he traveled to India in search of ashrams, and little did he know that he would be guided to the doorsteps of an ashram in Uttarkashi by Sivananda, which issued the pamphlet his mom had given him 10 plus years earlier.

He couldn’t believe the huge nudge from the Universe, indicating him that he was on the right path. He received his certification and has been practicing Hatha yoga for over 20 years. He teaches one-on-one and group classes in his hometown, Hong Kong.

To Hari, Yoga is more than poses. It is a lifestyle and an attitude. It’s a great way to learn wisdom from source. He believes that so many people see yoga as an exercise, but it is truly a self-journey more than about poses. He influences his students to Be kind, Be thankful, and Do the right thing

When you are living in a country where your basic rights are being taken away from you, doing the right thing sometimes means, standing firm against oppressors and opening the eyes of those that are still blinded by those in power. It means to keep persisting as warriors of light, with our armors and shields, ready to cut the curds with our golden swords.

Hari is bringing awareness to all of us about what Hong Kong is going through under the control of the Chinese government. He explains that China is violating its promise to run under 1 country, 2 systems. A promise made back in 1997 when Hong Kong stopped being a Colony of the United Kingdom and was taken over by China.

Currently, China is forcing its influences on them, taking away freedom of speech and press freedom is being drastically suppressed, especially after the brutal enactment of the National Security Law in Hon Kong.

Hari shares that many people in Uyghurs, China, are forced into labor to mass-produce and get paid a misery (which are sadly backed-up by power corporations such as Nike, Apple, Carter’s, to mention a few). Doesn’t this make you start re-thinking if to purchase anything labeled “Made in China”?

It takes a lot of courage for us to confront a political empire, but we must try our best to use our Creative Souls for a greater purpose, and not only bring awareness but do something positive with it. 

I leave you with this message from Hari, whose wisdom is inspiring us to become better and braver human beings:

Our duty is to realize our own path, to find the meaning of it, and live up to it. We each realize this through different paths, but when we find inspiration to make us become better human beings, then we must follow it. And if we are ever stuck in a routine or cultural ritual, we should slow down and pay attention to what it is that is drawing our energy. Stop and maybe go on a different path or take a break. We shouldn’t force our practice, just select our style and keep focusing on our personal foundation.

Hari is a humble and brave Creative Soul.

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Perfume Collector

Every person has their own artistic expression, and for Hari collecting perfumes is his art. He has a large collection of perfumes from different brands, and he enjoys taking photos of each perfume and sharing it on social media. Hari describes each perfume with such elegance and details, it can be easy to imagine the aroma and feel the mood the colognes could make you feel. Hari finds his interest in perfumery as a delicate form of art and a great way to recall or create memories

It’s fascinating when we can explore the depths of fragrances and inspire others with our unique perception. Hari has a natural gift of creativity and has a brilliant and loving soul.

We Can’t Keep Silent Anymore!



Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up one morning and have breakfast with your family in a tiny dining room – a tiny space – in a tiny house? Ever wonder what it would be like to live off the earth, eating raw foods, walking barefoot on the green grass? What it would feel like to give a compassionate touch to all beings with the decisions that you make and the actions that you take. Ever wonder?

This article features Akari, a beautiful Creative Soul and a true example of living a simple life. She has the soul of a swan and the energy of an amethyst. A beautiful and loving angel who is moving mountains with her inner force.

In 2019, Akari and her family made their dreams come true and converted an R.V into a tiny house. Making that decision became essential for Akari to achieve her balanced lifestyle, and she’s enjoying every single day of it. Akari believes that we don’t need a lot of material things to be happy or for the family to have a good time. The more simple we are, the happier we are.

The R.V. is spectacular! Consisting of one (1) bedroom with kitchen, dining, and living room space. It includes bunk beds for the little ones and a cozy outdoor area. The decor is eye-catching, all in white, giving a sense of calmness and comfort. 

Akari explains that her relationship with her three children, Bryce (10), Alheya (9), and Bianca (3), has deepened ever since moving into their tiny space. They have open conversations about the essence of communicating with each other. She’s showing her children how to be able to trust her and find in her a friend without fears. 

Through her growing Youtube Channel and her IG profile, Akari shares her wisdom teaching where to find the resources to achieve a kind, compassionate, and simple lifestyle. Most importantly, she wants us to know that we can live our dream life if we stay true to our hearts and live up to the decisions that we make. 

One of Akari’s goals is to help us realize how beautiful we are as we are, and how much beauty we can find in our surroundings, if we take the time to look. She encourages everyone to care for the animals and the planet, and to be mindful of what we consume. 

To live an authentic life suited to our values and desires can be a challenging journey. Not only do we need to be persistent with our actions, but we need to make sure that our choices and decisions are beneficial for our loved ones.

When we focus on our heart’s intentions, and we make it a priority to fulfill our goals, our Creative Souls can soar high and expand beyond limitations.

We can find ways to bring positive effects into our homes, even if it’s a tiny one, and Akari is here to validate that it is attainable and sustainable. 

Akari is an admirable and loving Creative Soul.

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Animal Activist

Akari is an animal activist and cruelty-free consumer. She exposes the truth behind companies and brands that create products that harm the environment and our health. 

Akari also enjoys giving a helping hand to animal shelters and sanctuaries. Many times, she has made it a weekly routine to go with her children to these shelters and pet the animals or help around with whatever is needed. Whenever feasible, Akari has offered her home to injured animals (during a hurricane in Florida, she fostered about 7 dogs at the same time). And you don’t hear her complaint. 

We ought to be grateful for Earth Angels like Akari, who defend and protect our animals and our planet.

Akari’s heart is so big that she gives, and gives, and gives. She shines her light on animals in need and is creating a legacy for her children to follow – a loving legacy of kindness and compassion.



Some people are born into this world wrapped in a divine blanket and filled with so much love, that it’s felt by anyone that crosses paths with them.

Creative Soul, Xarah, is one of these distinctive individuals, with formidable talents and a tender heart, destined to brighten souls and lead humanity towards better days. 

Xarah was born a star! She’s a gifted pianist, singer, and songwriter who has accomplished a successful career in the music industry. Since the age of 5, Xarah has been entertaining audiences and inspiring lives with her music. She has contributed with an array of international artists such as Alicia Keys, Alejandro Sanz, Tommy Torres, Kany Garcia, and Ednita Nazario, to mention a few.

Her talent doesn’t stop there. Xarah has been the vocal editor for Ricardo Arjona for over 10 years and has performed for several T.V. shows on Univision, as well as in Premio Soberano (equivalent to The Grammys) in her hometown, Dominican Republic. She has also been part of musical commercials for Walmart and McDonalds.

Xarah is one of the few Creative Souls that remains humble and kind in spite of great accomplishments. Her light radiates beyond measure.

A gorgeous, elegant, and loving artist with a heavenly voice, Xarah is adored by her followers, so much so, that even Dave Chappelle became her fan. We can enjoy her music videos on her Youtube Channel, or delight our evenings watching Xarah’s performance on Twitch TV, once a week.

She keeps her fans updated through her awesome Instagram profile, sharing info on her performances, as well as giving beauty tips and down-to-earth advice about our current circumstances and how we need to get our priorities straight, trust in God, and get busy.

Xarah’s musical journey is enhanced by her passion and the efforts she puts into her projects. With over 200 original songs and 2 albums under her belt, Xarah is a treasure and worthy of being added to our music libraries. 

Xarah has a big purpose in this world and her upcoming musical projects include a Christian album, inspired by her profound relationship with God. She wishes to share with everyone what God means to her and her love for Him, encouraging us to deepen our relationship with God so that our lives could become harmonious, even through the darkest days.

There is no doubt that Xarah is a godsend. Her musical talent is powerful, crowd-pleasing, and like Chappelle, anyone can quickly become a fan. Xarah walks hand in hand with God, allowing her faith to guide her way, motivating us to treasure the time that we have and do something valuable with it.

She is the bearer of the universal symphonies that carry tunes of love. Xarah is music.

Xarah is a remarkable Creative Soul.

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Life Coach

Xarah is a certified Life Coach, and her services include one-on-one sessions with this angelical being. She gives Creative Souls tools that assist with the understanding and development of dreams – what we wish to be and do, as creative and spiritual entrepreneurs. Her coaching is empowering.

The most beautiful aspect of Xarah, as a Life Coach, is that she knows what it is to carry pain and walk through life with open wounds and with doubts. But, she motivates us to have faith. Xarah channels the light of God and truly pays attention to what we have to say and helps us dig deep within our souls, to find the answers. We can become more assertive, organized, confident, and feel ready to take action and realize our visions.

As a Life Coach, and as the top-notch musician that she is, Xarah is continuously shedding guidance onto all of us from a place of divine love. 

Xarah is the sweetest and most compassionate Life Coach.

Our Collaborations

I had the privilege of receiving Xarah’s Life Coaching services, at a time in my life where I was swimming in a sea of ideas and dreams. She helped me to get organized, and she provided me with tools that made possible for me to get started in my creative ventures. Thanks to Xarah, I’m able to feel confident in what I create and do.



What are we doing with our words? Are we writing words that encourage or discourage? Creative Soul, Renda Writer, asks us to reflect on those questions. He motivates us to pause and consider how the words that we write affect our daily lives. Let me show you how Renda Writer uses his words to make a positive impact in this world, creating art with his handwriting.

Influenced by his passion for poetry and Hip-Hop music, Renda’s unique handwriting has led him to become a widely known artist. Originally from New York, it was in Miami that Renda found, not only a home but the stepping stone that made his career take-off. He received waves of acclamation during the 2014 Miami Art Basel for his mural, Love is a Risk, Do It Anyway, written 500,000 times across the mural for N’Namdi Contemporary Fine Art.

Renda Writer is a traveling artist creating murals at public and private venues. On a daily basis, people tag #RedaWriterArt with images in front of Renda’s murals from all across the continental U.S. – his art can also be found in Europe.

Renda does custom murals at residences, businesses, schools, and more. With his aesthetically pleasing handwriting, Renda turns walls, doors, corridors, bottles, lamps, and even motorcycles, to mention a few, into captivating pieces. His art can also be appreciated on apparel and canvases.

Feel Free to Feel Free, is one of my favorite quotes from Renda Writer, who has turned his art into statement pieces, inspiring us to take a look at who we are, what we are capable of, and how we interact with the rest of the world. His art encourages us to Be The Change We Want To See In The World

Amongst his most famous murals are: World Peace, Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You, George Floyd, Amor/Love, and Breonna Taylor, whose mural not only attracted the attention of the media, but he also created it on Breonna’s actual birthday (not planned). This validates that Renda Writer is here to change the world one handwritten mural at a time. 

Renda strongly believes that art is good for healing, and we can certainly feel inspired to heal by his art and go within our hearts to find the light and turn it on. Renda’s handwritten words are reminders of the bright side of life, igniting us to use our words, and our art, as a positive statement for the whole world.

Renda Writer is a memorable Creative Soul.

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Poetry is what brought Renda Writer to where he is today as an artist. He was born a poet!  But Renda does more than write poetry, he performs it.

Listening to him is alluring, making you feel the depth of the poem and the emotions behind each word.

Poetry opened a door of possibilities for Renda, allowing him to showcase his skills in open mics across the country, leading him to perform in several venues, including the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. His poetry collection is extensive and it’s fun, inspiring, and profound.



I have met many people who are transcendental and communicate with beings of light from other dimensions. They create magick with their presence, and they share their wisdom with the world. They heal, and they guide. It is my honor to introduce to you one of those Creative Souls, Joan of Angels.

Joan of Angels, or as many know her, Dr. Joan Hangarter, is a renowned artist, oracle, author, and miracle maker. She is known for her embellishing paintings of angels, masters, celestial beings, animals, and plant medicine.

The wisdom that comes from miracle-maker Joan of Angels is pure. She is here to assist us in becoming clear with our intuition, to understand why we do the things that we do, and help us embrace our decisions. Joan’s guidance is held in high regard, and many souls are drawn to her to be reminded of their purpose and to activate the light within. Joan wishes for us to become makers of our miracles.

We can be amused by her profound wisdom on many social media platforms, including her Youtube channel and Miracle Mondays live events on Facebook. We can also adorn our homes with her paintings, infused with angelical energy, or use them as powerful tools as a set of Miracle Messages Oracle Deck cards. Joan of Angels is an expression of the Divine who is healing souls at a global level. 

Soul Mastery & Miracle Mastery are her most requested courses. Joan of Angels takes her time to dive within the depth of our souls and bring clarity and confirmation. Besides these courses, she also offers oracle card readings1-on-1 coachingworkshops, and events. She teaches how to cut negative energetic cords, enhance spiritual communication, and understand the realms that exist within our human reality.

Joan of Angels is a multidimensional oracle, impacting many lives with her Goddess touch. She assists many of us who are looking to stop self-doubt and embrace the spiritual truth that resides in our hearts. Joan of Angels shines our path with her light and her love.

Joan of Angels is a stellar Creative Soul.

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Her story on Prime.

She was featured in a must-watch documentary available on Amazon Prime, The Illumined Ones. In this heartfelt documentary, Joan of Angels describes how her journey began, sharing intimate accounts of her life and how they led her to deepen her communication with beings of light, including Mother Mary, Krishna, Archangel Michael, and the Arcturians, to mention a few. 

It is so important to be reminded of our personal ability to communicate with angels, who have always been amongst us to offer guidance. Joan of Angels’ story inspires us to accept our spiritual path, and above all, to love ourselves.