Noemi Creative Soul

The love for the arts is often an inherent soul trait. That inspiration that comes from a mysterious place deep down inside the soul, which cannot be ignored even if one wanted to. That’s my case, living in love with the art of writing, songwriting, dancing and creating inspiring messages of spiritual nature.

Noemi Capote

My Dr3ams Come True


Music connects us at a soul level. Bringing inspiration through original songs that relate to our journey as human beings.

You Left Me Blind by Noemi Capote
Vocals/Guitar by Dhillon

Home Safe by Noemi Capote
Vocals/Guitar by Dhillon

Spiritual Blogaz1n3

Bringing motivation to everyone to become true to their individual values, beliefs, choices, Dr3ams, and to their personal desires, both in the physical and spiritual context. Enjoy of on-the-go tools to assist in the alignment and expansion as Creative Souls in this world.

Self-Published Books

I have self-published two books, a novel and a spiritual book.

The Muse, originally published in Spanish in 2015 is a fantasy novel about young love and the pursue of freedom in a world where God is forbidden.

An Animal’s Love contains messages from the Animal Kingdom to bring encouragement to our lives to believe in our hearts and fulfill our mission in life.