Many of us are able to perceive the beyond; to lift up the veil of the physical world and see the realms that exist within our material world. Beings of light exist within that realm, and they are amongst us making sure that we know they are by our side – leaving feathers through our paths, noticing angel numbers on tags and clocks, reading a message written on someone’s shirt, you name it. Angels use many means of communication, depending on our perception, and they do this to assist us in our journey as human beings, through our joys and our sufferings. The most beautiful part is when we get to collaborate with our spirit guides and bring to life the expression of our Creative Souls, as in the case of Allie Dawn, who shines the light of celestials through her art. 

Allie Dawn is a former Family Therapist and a future Art Therapist. She explains that we are divine beings and light givers, and we can’t ignore it. We need to learn to combine the material with the spiritual and explore both worlds to figure out the healing that needs to take place in our lives. Allie is a Warrior of Light. 

Ever since Allie was a child, she was aware of the existence of other beings but it wasn’t until adulthood that the light in her heart sparked back up, and she couldn’t ignore the call to shine on. The source of her soul originates from a distant galaxy, where the highest and most pure energy of light exists. 

It has been a tough ride for Allie. She was diagnosed with lupus when she was 16 years old, amongst other illnesses. But, as she continues to step into the realm of her spirituality, she’s realizing that she’s receiving downloads from the ‘other side’ to heal. She’s becoming aware of the source of her dis-ease, and she’s aligning with her life’s force to transform her life. 

While taking classes for her degree in Art Therapy, Allie was reminded of her other home. The place where the soul exists beyond the limitations of time and space, balancing all energies, and projecting good vibrations. Allie was feeling homesick, feeling depressed, on top of having chronic health issues, but Art saved her life and it gave her a purpose – to create art that heals at a soul level. 

This is why Allie is creating The Cosmic Woman oracle cards, to guide others to heal mentally and spiritually. During her communion with her celestial allies, she was inspired to create channeled collages and paintings, hoping to bring restoration in our lives and to trigger remembering the source of our existence. 

Protect Your Spirituality, Ancestor Connection, Birth of a Starseed, and Dare to Fly, are a few of her outstanding pieces available in her Etsy Shop, DivineFeminine4Life, and this is just the beginning. Allie’s art is unique and vivid. It has a depth to it that it takes us on a ride through the Milky Way, beyond the Moon and Venus. It fills us with encouragement and it truly helps brighten the path. 

Allie is the expression of the Divine Feminine and the source of Celestial light, and she is here to assist women through her art and services. She believes that women are here to look after each other, and she’s creating a community to assist women going through postpartum depression, to help them transition into motherhood. Allie’s message is for everyone to be kind. To talk to our plants, to our animals, to treat them with kindness. We are connected. Kindness to everything. 

When we are able to transcend our minds and understand the celestial power that exists amongst us, and within us, we can become less frustrated and more sure of who we are, and what we came to be in this life. Allie has fully reconnected with the mystical reality that surrounds us and has embraced it as part of her path, and through her art, she’s helping us to understand this truth. 

Allie is a cosmic Creative Soul.

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