Yoga challenges are posted daily on social media profiles, and many yogis join this growing community showcasing poses such as inversions, twists, arm balance, and more. Seeing the ability of some people to carry out certain poses can make our jaws drop, but what’s more fascinating is when the pose captivates our hearts through the soul of creatives, as in the case of Jo, Ms. Sun Seeker.

Native from the Philippines, Jo is a ray of sunshine in this world. She is a lovely person with one of the most inspiring Instagram profiles you can find. There is something so empowering about chakrasana, sirsana, and uttasana poses that evoke admiration, and Jo makes them seem effortless, though a lot of work goes into the process: continuous practice, determination to not give up, self-trust, inner strength… These are just a few of the elements that are needed to take into consideration to perform yoga challenging poses. 

Sometimes, what looks simple to the eye can be far more complex than we could expect, and Jo’s superb poses tell us that despite the complexity of life’s circumstances, through conscious movements, we can become masters of greatness.

Jo’s message is for all of us to be kind to each other. A statement that is so necessary to take to heart nowadays. Our world is decaying because we are too worried about who is right and who is wrong, instead of understanding that we each are part of a collective force that wishes for us to embrace our differences and work together to bring goodness into our lives. As a certified instructor in Ashtanga, Jo guides her students to tap into the energy of kindness, offering private classes in her hometown, Toronto, Canada.

As an environmentalist and conscious consumer, Jo is working every day towards making better choices that can bring a positive and loving difference in her life, and that of others. Life can become more challenging when we discover our personal truths and begin to live a life that’s in harmony with our surroundings. We can find people rolling their eyes over our new lifestyle, making ourselves feel insecure at times. But nothing can stop our souls from shining when we know that we are doing what’s best for this place we call our home, Mother Earth. 

What we experience in life is key because through our experiences, we are revealed what brings us joy and what doesn’t, and as we grow, we gotta make wiser decisions that can bring us closer to enjoy the life that we have.

Beautiful and profound words of wisdom from Jo, Ms. Sun Seeker. Beyond the yoga poses, beyond the challenges, what we find is a message of optimism, and we all need a dose of hope to be able to allow our Creative Souls to kindly shine, like the Sun. 

Jo is here to help us feel greatness, one yoga pose at a time.

Jo is a radiant Creative Soul.

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