You know you have come into this world to create something wonderful, when you take a painful situation and turn it into a wonderful venture of beautiful possibilities. Creative Soul, Rie Tanaka Radha, is a rising angel who is here to teach us about strength, inner-growth, and self-appreciation.

Rie is a professional classical pianist and the founder of Wellness for Musicians. She has been featured in American Public Radio’s Your Classical, Wisconsin Public Radio’s Route 51, and Des Moines Symphony’s DMSO at Home, among other programs and podcasts. She currently teaches Piano at the Saint Paul Conservatory of Music and Mount Olivet School of Music.

The classical music world has been part of Rie’s life since she was about 3 years old. A world that is as rewarding as it is demanding. Demands, that many times, can lead to physical injuries and mental constrictions, making musicians disappear under a blanket of disappointment and frustration. 

After Rie suffered a severe injury in both wrists, she was unable to perform for about 8 months. At the time of the injuries, Rie was working on her dissertation, exploring wellness programs that could assist in the recovery from tendinitis, and other severe injuries caused by playing a musical instrument.

Motivated to rise above the discomfort and the barriers, Rie discovered the countless benefits that yoga offers. She realized that, it not only helped her to strengthen her tendons and the mobility of the wrists, but it also encouraged her to dive within her mind and soul, and heal the inner wounds. Rie is a certified yoga teacher in Sampoorna Yoga, and she has been featured as a guest lecturer at Universities and Music Teachers Associations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, and South Dakota.

Musicians are athletes with countless hours of intense rehearsals, without the help of anyone to check-up on their mental health. Upon this lack of resources, Rie combined her passion for classical music and yoga and created a program for musicians to assist with both, physical and mental healing. 

Rie developed a safe space for musicians to use tangible tools and bring a positive impact in their lives, as performers and creative souls. Assisting to prevent performance injuries through lectures and daily yoga sessions.

When musicians get injured, they get wounded emotionally in such a way, that sometimes they take it against the music and even against the instrument. Through her program, Rie is helping musicians to question their intentions: Why do you play? What brings you joy? What do you need to prove? Who do you need to prove anything to?

Together with her soul tribe, Rie also created a four-week program to musicians of all disciplines, Peaceful Musicians. This is Rie’s loving offering to assist those who are experiencing a lack of motivation/routine, anxiety and stress, overall mental and physical fatigue, and loss of purpose/reason to play music.

Rie is helping musicians reconnect with their passion and deepen their relationship with music and their souls. Through her recovery, she was able to turn her mental and physical pain into a beautiful symphony that brings wellness and peace to others. 

Rie is a one-of-a-kind jewel, who brings honor to all classical pianists.

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