Our world is chaotic, and there are so many countries going through unbearable circumstances at the hands of its governments. Their ideals of control, dictatorship, tyranny, and all sorts of inflictive hardships are deepening the wounds of so many souls.

Thankfully, there are many people that are speaking up. They are revealing the truth behind the veil of laws and rules that have been created to keep us on a leash. Those who are brave enough to move beyond the fear of repression and use their creative force to help us proclaim: We’re not going to surrender. We can’t keep silent anymore.

Creative Soul, Hari, is one of the brave ones. He uses his social media platforms not only to inspire us to live an authentic life, but he’s also educating his followers about the cruel reality that he and his city, Hong Kong, are going through. His posts are inspiring, reflecting his flawless yoga skills and astonishing poses, radiating wisdom with his empowering statements.

When Hari was very young, his mother gave him a pamphlet with some information about yoga, which was issued by an ashram in the Himalayas. Hari felt intrigued to learn more about yoga, and this set the foundation for him to incorporate yoga in his life. 

Hari decided to become certified in yoga, and he traveled to India in search of ashrams, and little did he know that he would be guided to the doorsteps of an ashram in Uttarkashi by Sivananda, which issued the pamphlet his mom had given him 10 plus years earlier.

He couldn’t believe the huge nudge from the Universe, indicating him that he was on the right path. He received his certification and has been practicing Hatha yoga for over 20 years. He teaches one-on-one and group classes in his hometown, Hong Kong.

To Hari, Yoga is more than poses. It is a lifestyle and an attitude. It’s a great way to learn wisdom from source. He believes that so many people see yoga as an exercise, but it is truly a self-journey more than about poses. He influences his students to Be kind, Be thankful, and Do the right thing

When you are living in a country where your basic rights are being taken away from you, doing the right thing sometimes means, standing firm against oppressors and opening the eyes of those that are still blinded by those in power. It means to keep persisting as warriors of light, with our armors and shields, ready to cut the curds with our golden swords.

Hari is bringing awareness to all of us about what Hong Kong is going through under the control of the Chinese government. He explains that China is violating its promise to run under 1 country, 2 systems. A promise made back in 1997 when Hong Kong stopped being a Colony of the United Kingdom and was taken over by China.

Currently, China is forcing its influences on them, taking away freedom of speech and press freedom is being drastically suppressed, especially after the brutal enactment of the National Security Law in Hon Kong.

Hari shares that many people in Uyghurs, China, are forced into labor to mass-produce and get paid a misery (which are sadly backed-up by power corporations such as Nike, Apple, Carter’s, to mention a few). Doesn’t this make you start re-thinking if to purchase anything labeled “Made in China”?

It takes a lot of courage for us to confront a political empire, but we must try our best to use our Creative Souls for a greater purpose, and not only bring awareness but do something positive with it. 

I leave you with this message from Hari, whose wisdom is inspiring us to become better and braver human beings:

Our duty is to realize our own path, to find the meaning of it, and live up to it. We each realize this through different paths, but when we find inspiration to make us become better human beings, then we must follow it. And if we are ever stuck in a routine or cultural ritual, we should slow down and pay attention to what it is that is drawing our energy. Stop and maybe go on a different path or take a break. We shouldn’t force our practice, just select our style and keep focusing on our personal foundation.

Hari is a humble and brave Creative Soul.

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Perfume Collector

Every person has their own artistic expression, and for Hari collecting perfumes is his art. He has a large collection of perfumes from different brands, and he enjoys taking photos of each perfume and sharing it on social media. Hari describes each perfume with such elegance and details, it can be easy to imagine the aroma and feel the mood the colognes could make you feel. Hari finds his interest in perfumery as a delicate form of art and a great way to recall or create memories

It’s fascinating when we can explore the depths of fragrances and inspire others with our unique perception. Hari has a natural gift of creativity and has a brilliant and loving soul.

We Can’t Keep Silent Anymore!

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