Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up one morning and have breakfast with your family in a tiny dining room – a tiny space – in a tiny house? Ever wonder what it would be like to live off the earth, eating raw foods, walking barefoot on the green grass? What it would feel like to give a compassionate touch to all beings with the decisions that you make and the actions that you take. Ever wonder?

This article features Akari, a beautiful Creative Soul and a true example of living a simple life. She has the soul of a swan and the energy of an amethyst. A beautiful and loving angel who is moving mountains with her inner force.

In 2019, Akari and her family made their dreams come true and converted an R.V into a tiny house. Making that decision became essential for Akari to achieve her balanced lifestyle, and she’s enjoying every single day of it. Akari believes that we don’t need a lot of material things to be happy or for the family to have a good time. The more simple we are, the happier we are.

The R.V. is spectacular! Consisting of one (1) bedroom with kitchen, dining, and living room space. It includes bunk beds for the little ones and a cozy outdoor area. The decor is eye-catching, all in white, giving a sense of calmness and comfort. 

Akari explains that her relationship with her three children, Bryce (10), Alheya (9), and Bianca (3), has deepened ever since moving into their tiny space. They have open conversations about the essence of communicating with each other. She’s showing her children how to be able to trust her and find in her a friend without fears. 

Through her growing Youtube Channel and her IG profile, Akari shares her wisdom teaching where to find the resources to achieve a kind, compassionate, and simple lifestyle. Most importantly, she wants us to know that we can live our dream life if we stay true to our hearts and live up to the decisions that we make. 

One of Akari’s goals is to help us realize how beautiful we are as we are, and how much beauty we can find in our surroundings, if we take the time to look. She encourages everyone to care for the animals and the planet, and to be mindful of what we consume. 

To live an authentic life suited to our values and desires can be a challenging journey. Not only do we need to be persistent with our actions, but we need to make sure that our choices and decisions are beneficial for our loved ones.

When we focus on our heart’s intentions, and we make it a priority to fulfill our goals, our Creative Souls can soar high and expand beyond limitations.

We can find ways to bring positive effects into our homes, even if it’s a tiny one, and Akari is here to validate that it is attainable and sustainable. 

Akari is an admirable and loving Creative Soul.

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Animal Activist

Akari is an animal activist and cruelty-free consumer. She exposes the truth behind companies and brands that create products that harm the environment and our health. 

Akari also enjoys giving a helping hand to animal shelters and sanctuaries. Many times, she has made it a weekly routine to go with her children to these shelters and pet the animals or help around with whatever is needed. Whenever feasible, Akari has offered her home to injured animals (during a hurricane in Florida, she fostered about 7 dogs at the same time). And you don’t hear her complaint. 

We ought to be grateful for Earth Angels like Akari, who defend and protect our animals and our planet.

Akari’s heart is so big that she gives, and gives, and gives. She shines her light on animals in need and is creating a legacy for her children to follow – a loving legacy of kindness and compassion.

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