Some people are born into this world wrapped in a divine blanket and filled with so much love, that it’s felt by anyone that crosses paths with them.

Creative Soul, Xarah, is one of these distinctive individuals, with formidable talents and a tender heart, destined to brighten souls and lead humanity towards better days. 

Xarah was born a star! She’s a gifted pianist, singer, and songwriter who has accomplished a successful career in the music industry. Since the age of 5, Xarah has been entertaining audiences and inspiring lives with her music. She has contributed with an array of international artists such as Alicia Keys, Alejandro Sanz, Tommy Torres, Kany Garcia, and Ednita Nazario, to mention a few.

Her talent doesn’t stop there. Xarah has been the vocal editor for Ricardo Arjona for over 10 years and has performed for several T.V. shows on Univision, as well as in Premio Soberano (equivalent to The Grammys) in her hometown, Dominican Republic. She has also been part of musical commercials for Walmart and McDonalds.

Xarah is one of the few Creative Souls that remains humble and kind in spite of great accomplishments. Her light radiates beyond measure.

A gorgeous, elegant, and loving artist with a heavenly voice, Xarah is adored by her followers, so much so, that even Dave Chappelle became her fan. We can enjoy her music videos on her Youtube Channel, or delight our evenings watching Xarah’s performance on Twitch TV, once a week.

She keeps her fans updated through her awesome Instagram profile, sharing info on her performances, as well as giving beauty tips and down-to-earth advice about our current circumstances and how we need to get our priorities straight, trust in God, and get busy.

Xarah’s musical journey is enhanced by her passion and the efforts she puts into her projects. With over 200 original songs and 2 albums under her belt, Xarah is a treasure and worthy of being added to our music libraries. 

Xarah has a big purpose in this world and her upcoming musical projects include a Christian album, inspired by her profound relationship with God. She wishes to share with everyone what God means to her and her love for Him, encouraging us to deepen our relationship with God so that our lives could become harmonious, even through the darkest days.

There is no doubt that Xarah is a godsend. Her musical talent is powerful, crowd-pleasing, and like Chappelle, anyone can quickly become a fan. Xarah walks hand in hand with God, allowing her faith to guide her way, motivating us to treasure the time that we have and do something valuable with it.

She is the bearer of the universal symphonies that carry tunes of love. Xarah is music.

Xarah is a remarkable Creative Soul.

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Life Coach

Xarah is a certified Life Coach, and her services include one-on-one sessions with this angelical being. She gives Creative Souls tools that assist with the understanding and development of dreams – what we wish to be and do, as creative and spiritual entrepreneurs. Her coaching is empowering.

The most beautiful aspect of Xarah, as a Life Coach, is that she knows what it is to carry pain and walk through life with open wounds and with doubts. But, she motivates us to have faith. Xarah channels the light of God and truly pays attention to what we have to say and helps us dig deep within our souls, to find the answers. We can become more assertive, organized, confident, and feel ready to take action and realize our visions.

As a Life Coach, and as the top-notch musician that she is, Xarah is continuously shedding guidance onto all of us from a place of divine love. 

Xarah is the sweetest and most compassionate Life Coach.

Our Collaborations

I had the privilege of receiving Xarah’s Life Coaching services, at a time in my life where I was swimming in a sea of ideas and dreams. She helped me to get organized, and she provided me with tools that made possible for me to get started in my creative ventures. Thanks to Xarah, I’m able to feel confident in what I create and do.

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