What are we doing with our words? Are we writing words that encourage or discourage? Creative Soul, Renda Writer, asks us to reflect on those questions. He motivates us to pause and consider how the words that we write affect our daily lives. Let me show you how Renda Writer uses his words to make a positive impact in this world, creating art with his handwriting.

Influenced by his passion for poetry and Hip-Hop music, Renda’s unique handwriting has led him to become a widely known artist. Originally from New York, it was in Miami that Renda found, not only a home but the stepping stone that made his career take-off. He received waves of acclamation during the 2014 Miami Art Basel for his mural, Love is a Risk, Do It Anyway, written 500,000 times across the mural for N’Namdi Contemporary Fine Art.

Renda Writer is a traveling artist creating murals at public and private venues. On a daily basis, people tag #RedaWriterArt with images in front of Renda’s murals from all across the continental U.S. – his art can also be found in Europe.

Renda does custom murals at residences, businesses, schools, and more. With his aesthetically pleasing handwriting, Renda turns walls, doors, corridors, bottles, lamps, and even motorcycles, to mention a few, into captivating pieces. His art can also be appreciated on apparel and canvases.

Feel Free to Feel Free, is one of my favorite quotes from Renda Writer, who has turned his art into statement pieces, inspiring us to take a look at who we are, what we are capable of, and how we interact with the rest of the world. His art encourages us to Be The Change We Want To See In The World

Amongst his most famous murals are: World Peace, Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You, George Floyd, Amor/Love, and Breonna Taylor, whose mural not only attracted the attention of the media, but he also created it on Breonna’s actual birthday (not planned). This validates that Renda Writer is here to change the world one handwritten mural at a time. 

Renda strongly believes that art is good for healing, and we can certainly feel inspired to heal by his art and go within our hearts to find the light and turn it on. Renda’s handwritten words are reminders of the bright side of life, igniting us to use our words, and our art, as a positive statement for the whole world.

Renda Writer is a memorable Creative Soul.

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Poetry is what brought Renda Writer to where he is today as an artist. He was born a poet!  But Renda does more than write poetry, he performs it.

Listening to him is alluring, making you feel the depth of the poem and the emotions behind each word.

Poetry opened a door of possibilities for Renda, allowing him to showcase his skills in open mics across the country, leading him to perform in several venues, including the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. His poetry collection is extensive and it’s fun, inspiring, and profound.

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