I have met many people who are transcendental and communicate with beings of light from other dimensions. They create magick with their presence, and they share their wisdom with the world. They heal, and they guide. It is my honor to introduce to you one of those Creative Souls, Joan of Angels.

Joan of Angels, or as many know her, Dr. Joan Hangarter, is a renowned artist, oracle, author, and miracle maker. She is known for her embellishing paintings of angels, masters, celestial beings, animals, and plant medicine.

The wisdom that comes from miracle-maker Joan of Angels is pure. She is here to assist us in becoming clear with our intuition, to understand why we do the things that we do, and help us embrace our decisions. Joan’s guidance is held in high regard, and many souls are drawn to her to be reminded of their purpose and to activate the light within. Joan wishes for us to become makers of our miracles.

We can be amused by her profound wisdom on many social media platforms, including her Youtube channel and Miracle Mondays live events on Facebook. We can also adorn our homes with her paintings, infused with angelical energy, or use them as powerful tools as a set of Miracle Messages Oracle Deck cards. Joan of Angels is an expression of the Divine who is healing souls at a global level. 

Soul Mastery & Miracle Mastery are her most requested courses. Joan of Angels takes her time to dive within the depth of our souls and bring clarity and confirmation. Besides these courses, she also offers oracle card readings1-on-1 coachingworkshops, and events. She teaches how to cut negative energetic cords, enhance spiritual communication, and understand the realms that exist within our human reality.

Joan of Angels is a multidimensional oracle, impacting many lives with her Goddess touch. She assists many of us who are looking to stop self-doubt and embrace the spiritual truth that resides in our hearts. Joan of Angels shines our path with her light and her love.

Joan of Angels is a stellar Creative Soul.

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Her story on Prime.

She was featured in a must-watch documentary available on Amazon Prime, The Illumined Ones. In this heartfelt documentary, Joan of Angels describes how her journey began, sharing intimate accounts of her life and how they led her to deepen her communication with beings of light, including Mother Mary, Krishna, Archangel Michael, and the Arcturians, to mention a few. 

It is so important to be reminded of our personal ability to communicate with angels, who have always been amongst us to offer guidance. Joan of Angels’ story inspires us to accept our spiritual path, and above all, to love ourselves.

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