Life consists of energy frequencies that have their own behavior and can run from low to high levels, affecting us in good or bad ways. There are certain practices that can make us become aware of the energies around us and support us in engaging with higher energetical currents. They also help us raise our vibrations and experience the yin and yang of life through a higher level of awareness and create balance in our lives. One valuable tool that can assist with our personal ascension is our breath.

Breathing is one of the most powerful tools that we have to be able to expand our experiences in this life. Creative Soul, Ash Neumeister, founder of Vibrational Medicine with Ash, works with vibrational medicine to help us bring awareness to our breath – a natural wellness practice that can affect our consciousness to shift our vibrational frequency.

Ash offers metamorphic sessions pulling from her knowledge of breathwork, sound healing, transformational life coaching, aromatherapy, dance, reiki, shamanism, and meditation. She can easily be considered the Goddess of High Vibration, for energy surges through her to bring us the necessary knowledge, teaching us on how to take control of our own energy field through breathwork.

Using Vibrational Medicine, Ash motivates high-performing women to reframe their consciousness and create a balanced state of being. Her breathwork techniques raise the energy levels in the body and in the environment, bringing a profound elevation, both physically and spiritually. 

Through workshops or one-on-ones with Ash, the benefits include, regulation of blood pressure, stress relief, relaxation of mind and body, and the releasing of toxins from the body. She teaches that we all have the ability to heal and we may use our breath as a tool to help us get there. Being able to embrace this ability is a courageous art, and Ash is here to remind us that we are our own medicine. 

Ash extends her talents to inspire us to love ourselves – to do what we can to achieve this. Her tools and services can assist us to reach the level of self-care and self-love that we need in order to ascend our energy, as challenging as it may be. She’s here to support us and to teach us how to own our gifts – our talents – and how to use our breath to balance our energies.

Ash is a beautiful and vibrant Creative Soul.

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The way Ash uses music, as a vocalist and sound healer, helps to cast away lower energies and assure an immediate cleansing not only within our bodies, but our environment. Ash incarnates her powers to attune with the sound of the Universe and bring forth light beams through her music for healing, for love, and for transformation. The sound of her voice is enchanting, in a way that it wraps you around in a smooth cloth where your body gets elevated to a higher dimension – a space where we can encounter calmness and clarity. Ash is a musical instrument that helps ease thoughts and bring true awareness to our bodies and present moment. 

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