There are Creative Souls shining their light to bring healing, motivation, and hopes to the world and Erika Tarre of The Spiritual Fitspo is one of them.

Erika is a fresh breath of air for anyone looking to embark on a journey of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Through her business, Spiritual Fitspo, Erika assists women to achieve weight loss and gain self-confidence, pushing them to set goals, take action, and feel enjoyment along the way.

When I tell you that following Erika’s Instagram is super fun and inspiring is an understatement – @spiritualfitspo. She takes her time to educate about healthy options available to not only lose weight, but also to improve mental health and fuel the soul with motivation. She’s a Creative Soul with true intentions to give a helping hand to women in need of a transformation, inside and out.

As a Health and Nutrition Coach, Erika helps her clients learn portion control and stay accountable to the program. Spiritual Fitspo is a growing business, offering the Total Solution Package which includes nutrition programs, fitness videos, Shakeology products, personal coach, and a community that offers support. Erika guides her clients through the program and helps them get healthy. 

Joining her team is also about creating a community, virtually and in person, by qualifying for paid retreats and going to conferences together. A community where real women work on themselves while helping others.

Here is a testimony from one of Erika’s satisfied clients:

“Both of these pictures were taken 4 months after having each of my babies. The one on the left was 4months after having my first baby. This was actually my BEFORE picture that @spiritualfitspo took of me when I first signed up for Beachbody. I remember feeling so insecure in my own skin. Nervous about getting my body back into shape. The picture on the right is 4 months after my 2nd baby (today). I’ve been taking care of my body for 2 months. I feel confident, even though I have a long journey ahead of me to get my #prebabybody back. I feel energized so I know I can keep up with my babies. I’ve also gone #Allin on nutrition and my Coaching keeps me #accountable.”   

Erika is a spiritual and creative soul spreading joy and brightening lives with her unique style and services.

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Super Mom

Erika is a super mom. Her and her daughter, Bella, are beautiful inspirations to all moms who are looking to have a good relationship with their children. Erika teaches her daughter the importance of having good nutrition, exercising regularly and having a good attitude. Erika is building a strong foundation for Bella, making her aware of her own abilities to find strength and willingness within, to reach goals and overcome obstacles. Their youtube channel is underway, where they will be sharing their experiences in homeschooling, healthy eating, and more.

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