Step Into Your Magick

Are you familiar with the TV shows Charmed and Sabrina? Fantasy stories of humans who are powerful witches, influenced by their accerstors, with profound knowledge about spells, the elements, high connection with spirits, and more. As it turns out, witches are not just a folklore tale or stories for entertainment. They are real and many of them exist amongst us, creating goodness with their given forces and bringing a positive impact to the world. 

Afura Nefertiti Fareed, founder of Alchemy Of Affluence Academy, can be considered a modern witch. She’s a High Priestess of the magickal realm assisting intuitive and creative entrepreneurs to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.

As a Creative Soul, Afura embodies magickal powers to light the way for others. Through her services, she teaches how to get unstuck to be able to carry on with our visions. Afura has created a platform where all creative souls can find helpful tools to learn about the magickal power we each carry within, and how to put our talents to good use and manifest prosperity in our lives.

For anyone looking to expand their horizons, not only can we benefit from a 1-0n-1 with Afura to have a Creative Brainstorm Session, but we can also request to be featured in her top-rated podcast, and join her incredible online academy where she guides spirited starlets to use their inner power through occult wisdom and divination to manifest their most enchanted life. Furthermore, Afura’s shop has beautiful hand-crafted writing tools, as well as meditation bundles, and a free e-book on manifestation methods.

Afura has teamed up with the Universe to co-create magickal resources for anyone to relate to. She represents the union between the material and the mystical, and she educates about the traditions behind rituals and spells, providing guidance on how to work with our intuition and live our own truth.

It takes much for us creatives and intuitives to embrace what we are and what we can do, and we are often in need of a helping hand to be able to experience a magickal life. Afura’s enchanting world is sure to have a piece of the puzzle we need to carry on with our highest calling.

Afura is a magickal Creative Soul.

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Afura is a talented illustrator. She has a beautiful way to portrait meaningful messages within her whimsical and psychedelic art – symbols infused with high vibration and magick that bring inspiration to our lives.

Our Collaborations

I had the honor of being interviewed by Afura for her podcast to discuss how the Universe communicates with us through animal’s spirits.


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