Energy Healing Tailored to You

Everyone has the ability to activate the healer within. Our bodies are capable of channelling energy and transmuting it into something beneficial for our health and for our lives in general. However, not everyone understands this or even believes that this is possible. Can we truly be healers? Is healing something that is given or are we able to s1mply become a healing force?

Raluca Tutulan is one of the courageous Creative Souls from around the world that recognizes the healer in her, and she’s here to guide others do the same. As a homeopathic healer, she offers the necessary tools to help us discover our individual capabilities to awaken the healer within. Raluca uses intuitive wisdom and a combination of Usui Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Bio-energetics and Access Bars as part of her energy healing sessions.

Through Raluca’s homeopathic methods, issues such as anxiety can be treated to ease the grip of this mental/emotional ailment. So many aspects of our lives get lost as we grow up, and we gain terrifying emotions that can lead us to anxious nights. What exactly causes us to feel frightened? Which way is the one for us to get out of our troubled minds? The answers are many and finding the solution can be challenging, but there is hope in this life, and Raluca’s healing powers are surely to help us attune our brains and help shift our consciousness to move beyond fears and accept that we are healers, afterall.  

Many angels of light have found their way in this world to awaken healing abilities, and Raluca channels her light to help us face our troubles and learn how to overcome them. To become the healers that we know we can be, we need to deal with our inner world and figure out a way to balance it, and Raluca’s angelical touch can provide us with answers, solutions, and healing. 

Raluca is a Creative Soul ready to guide us – ready to heal us.

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As a self-taught artist, Raluca paints sceneries that look almost surreal or otherworldly in their colors. She enjoys painting as a tool to bring her to the present moment. From galaxy paintings that reflect softness and endless possibilities, her art is infused with energy healing and sacred geometry. Raluca is a talented artist wishing to bring inspiration and joy to others with her paintings.

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