Expand . Heal . Align

Have you ever heard someone say, “I know an angel when I see one?” Well, I know an angel when I see one, and Naomi Hodge of SoulSouplesse is an angel on this earth. She’s a beautiful Creative Soul who is expanding her light to help others carve their way to becoming their authentic selves.

Through SoulSouplesse, Naomi invites her audience to find the expression of their soul and release their material bondages with confidence. She wishes for everyone to create positive experiences and achieve complete freedom, offering materials that can be used to assist us to expand the mind, heal the body, and align with spirit.

From tarot card readings, meditation videos, yoga routine clips, and articles full of in-depth knowledge on topics such as spirituality and astrology – to mention a few – anyone is certain to find a helpful tool to brighten the day and heal the soul. 

Besides videos and articles, SoulSouplesse is a great platform to acquire e-books on wellness, downloadable affirmation quotes, and one of the most in depth yoga courses, The Healing Yoga Course.

Humans that are angels often have the most challenging experiences on earth, and awakening into the true-self can be overwhelming. But those who thrive and end up cutting the cords from the chains that hold them down. Those who overcome the odds and face their demons, making firm decisions from the heart to feel better, to do better … Those are the earth angels that put their creativity and spiritual energy to operate to the fullest and become stars in our lives.

Naomi is sure to be a bright star on this earth and she’s ready to help us let go of the useless, transform our reality, heal and enjoy the journey.

Naomi is an enchanting Creative Soul.

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Poet / Singer Songwriter

Naomi’s awakening journey started with writing poetry about her feelings and she’s now slowly moving towards writing her own songs. She gets Divine Inspiration almost every day, creating short rhymes and quotes, which she shares on Instagram. Naomi is a channel on this earth to help others find healing in their lives, and her poetry and music are a reinforcement of the infinite and abundant love that can be experienced in life.

Our Collaborations

Naomi and I joined our Creative Souls to create healing tools that can assist many in their alignment and expansion.

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