Making sense of things that are not supposed to make sense.

Why do we have the problems that we have? Are our traditions silently holding us back? Are we brave enough to challenge and break out of them – our ways of being? Are we victims or are we being accountable for what is happening in our lives and in our world? These are some of the deep questions raised by Creative Soul, Arjuneus, who is here to help us figure out the answers and make sense of them.

Arjuneus is a fascinating human being, serving as an animal activist, educating the world about veganism and the positive impact it has in our lives and on the planet. He embarked on his transition to veganism when he was a teenager in his High School football team during a time when veganism was not taken friendly. Arjuneus soon became involved in not just changing his nutrition but his entire lifestyle, where there’s no room for animal cruelty in any way, shape, or form. His heartfelt intentions are to support anyone feeling lost in the path to veganism, helping guide and rationalize their morality. He brings together a community of supportive humans that exist to care for the planet and the animals in it.

Being passionate to become the voice of the voiceless, Arjuneus’s top-notch talent in visual effects, video editing, acting and writing, gave birth to a genuine series of videos where he dives into controversial topics such as animal rights and feminism. But veganism is not the only topic that Arjuneus brings to our attention through his charming videos. He’s covered topics such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Tiger King scandal. Furthermore, as a professional psychologist, his topics also cover one of the top issues humanity faces: Mental Health

His video series are engaging, entertaining, captivating, educational and inspiring. Arjuneus aims to make sense of things that are not supposed to make sense, in order to challenge the dangerous thoughts of conformity and has a clever, to-the-point way of explaining things and truly making sense of them. Above all, his videos challenge us to make better choices for the greater good.

When a human being decides to conduct a lifestyle that has no room for harm, for animals, for people, and for the planet, the world experiences a miracle that is celebrated by the heart of Mother Earth. Arjuneus is one of those miracles, and he’s here to make sure that he lights the way for those looking to take responsibility for what is happening in our world and do something positive about it. He’s here to make us question our society, our culture, our beliefs, and realize that the suffering in our world is caused by our own hands, and something needs to be done. 

The change needs to happen! And it starts with our individual choice. Arjuneus is here to inspire us to become the inspiration the world needs.

Arjuneus is a vibrant Creative Soul.

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Arjuneus explains that “Music is a reflection of your personality,” and he has captivated the essence of his soul through his musical talent, creating a channel on SoundCloud with original and mixed music. Perfect for relaxation, reflection, and dancing. Arjuneus’s music helps to transcend the mind and aloft the body.

Click to visit his music channel.

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