The bridge between the physical and the spiritual world.

We are surrounded by earth angels – by beings of magical powers and healing balms within their core, guiding others towards the light and helping them to remember who they are and what they are made of. Meri Spahic of The Spiritual Sense is a beautiful earth angel, shining her creative soul to bring goodness to our world.

Through The Spiritual Sense, Meri offers inspiring and beautiful tools, including articles, to assist creatives to not be afraid to go after their dreams, guiding them on how to accomplish it. Using her own spiritual sense, Meri helps to navigate the ethereal world to assist humans to awaken their own 6th sense and to maintain it flowing.


Every affirmation created by Meri is a soft whisper of divine love, helping us realize that out of the worst experiences that we may have in life, we can give birth to valuable creations. When we go through bad circumstances, we are put face to face with a challenging choice to decide to deepen the rabbit hole and remain in it, or if to get out of it, cut the cords that hold our wings down and soar freely through our skies. Getting out of any state of negativity and doing something positive with it takes a lot of effort. We need to have the willingness to truly overcome our inner battles and rise above them. Meri is a great example of what one can create when a firm decision is made to allow the creative soul to shine through and use it for the greater good of all.

For everyone looking to awaken their spiritual sense and shift their mental state from negative into positive, The Spiritual Sense is sure to fill your day with encouragement. Meri believes that as we take action, we begin evolving into something else and better, and she’s here to make sure the world learns to rebuild the bridge between the physical and the spiritual reality and create something positive and helpful to others with it.

Reading daily affirmations can impact the health of our thoughts, and following her instagram account @thespiritualsense can add a dose of light to everyone’s path. To read Meri’s amazing articles, view her meditation videos, and read her heartfelt affirmations, you’re welcomed to visit her website

Meri Spahic is an angelica Creative Soul.

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Creative Marketing Professional

Meri is a creative marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, video, web, graphic, and UI design. She creates her own posts, designs and websites. is Meri’s second platform, offering valuable information and tools on social media content and marketing. Very helpful for creative souls that are interested in sharing their dreams with the world through social media and how to do it proficiently and efficiently. 

Our Collaborations

Meri and I joined our Creative Souls to create a healing tool that can help in the alignment and expansion that many of us seek to experience.


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